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What to Expect Each Month

Cabo San Lucas is one of the world’s most popular sport fishing destinations. It has become so recognized that a ton of companies offering their boats and crew have started appearing here and there, leaving you wondering which one offers you the best sport fishing in Cabo with our Charter Fishing packages.

Armada Sports Fishing lets you calculate the cost of your all inclusive trip at Cabo using the website’s built-in tool, which also allows you to check available dates. Knowing how much a full day all inclusive trip costs beforehand is essential to make sure that you won’t end up spending way more than intended.

If you’re done customizing what’s going to be included in your package, here is a month by month preview as to what awaits you each month.

Month By Month Cabo Fishing Breakdown:


The month of January provides anglers with some of the best weather conditions for a fishing trip. The primary catch for this month is Striped Marlin, but there’s also a good chance of catching Dorado. Offshore, there’s Yellow Fin Tuna, and inshore, you can wait patiently for Trigger Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, and Rooster Fish.


The weather in the month of February is excellent, but once in a while, we get rain storms in Cabo. A great number of Striped Marlin is still present, with decent numbers in the Pacific from the Finger Banks to the Light House. You can catch a Yellow Fin in February, but more likely the smaller kind, not weighing more than 25 lbs. There’s still a lot of variety though. This month is where we begin to see a strong bottom bite with Grouper, Snapper, and Sea Bass. You’ll also find Trigger Fish, Jacks, Pompano, and Rooster Fish inshore.


The Marlin bite starts to get slow in the month, but a strong bottom bite makes up for it, with Grouper, Cabrilla, Snapper, and Sea Bass aplenty. Early in the month, you will see Yellow Fins, but as the waters become warmer by the end of the month, there will be an increase in Striped Marlin. Things will get more exciting in inshore day fishing with Amber Jacks, Yellow Tail, and Spanish Mackerel. Other catches include Trigger Fish, Rooster Fish, and others.  


April is generally a great month to go all in on your inclusive Cabo San Lucas fishing packages. Offshore, expect a good Dorado bite as well as Marlin. Inshore fishing meanwhile will give your Rooster Fish, smaller Dorado, Skip Jack, Spanish Mackerel, and Yellow Tail.


In Cabo, May is the Marlin month. There’s a strong Striped Marlin bite in this month, due to the warmer weather. You may see some larger fish hitting the decks, including a decent number of Dorado. Inshore, there’s a lot more Rooster Fish than you’d normally see.


There’s a lot of variety in June with Striped Marlin leading the pack. You may be able to catch a nice Wahoo, Blue Marlin, and possibly a huge Tuna. Inshore, you’ll find a lot of Grouper, Snapper, Pompano, Jacks, and the Rooster Fish.


Cabo is still hot in July, and with that comes a variety of bill fish including Sail Fish, Marline, and sometimes a Blue Marlin. In the banks of Gordo and San Jaime in the Sea of Cortez, you might get some very nice Tuna action. There’s also a strong Wahoo bite in the month of July and inshore, you might get lucky with a 40 to fifty lb Rooster Fish.


This is the start of the big fish season. This month, the fish start to get bigger. If you’re lucky, you may chance upon bigger Black and Blue Marlin with a 300 lb fish in your day range. There’s also a strong Sail Fish bite for this month. The Sea of Cortez will bring in some Yellow Fins, and inshore, there’s plenty of Wahoo, Dorado, and Roosters. Big game anglers can start finding their big fish in August.


Many anglers consider September to be a great month for Cabo fishing. There’s an increase in Yellow Fins this month in Outer Gordo Banks in the Sea of Cortez and the San Jaime Bank in the Pacific. There’s also a chance of catching Black and Blue Marlin, and offshore, you’ll find Dorado, Wahoo, and Sail Fish. There’s a bit of a slow down inshore, but you can still find Dorado, Sail Fish, and sometimes Rooster Fish.


October may be the best month for deep sea fishing in Cabo. This month, there are several major fishing tournaments going on, including the multi-million dollar Marlin tournament, Bisbee’s Black and Blue. There’s a ton of Dorado, Marlin, and Yellow Fins awaiting, and inshore, you’ll find Sail Fish, Wahoo, Dorado, and bottom fish.


November is still a great month for fishing. There’s a huge number of Tuna, Marlin, Sail Fish, Wahoo, and Dorado offshore, and even Mako Sharks. Inshore, you’ll find Spanish Mackerel, Sail Fish, and Dorado. The WOW Tuna Jackpot Tournament also happens this month, so book in advance if you want to come here in November.


December is also a month that brings the best weather. There’s an attractive mix of Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, and Striped Marlin. Inshore, you’ll find smaller Sail Fish and Striped Marlin too.

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