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Sport Fishing – Everything To Know About Fishing In Cabo

Cabo San Lucas’s primary industry is tourism, so the expansion likely won’t end any time soon. Cabo’s largest draw is probably its wealth of adventure activities. Parasailing, jetskiing, snorkeling, zip lining, and golfing are all common tourist attractions. Tourists can even ride horses right along the beach. And, of course, Cabo is known for its amazing fishing spots. Lots of tasty fish breeds, including yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi, and striped marlin are indigenous to the Cabo waters and are favorites of local fishermen.

Cabo boasts a very comfortable temperature in the 67 to 83 degree range for the bulk of the year. But you will want to check the weather at the time of your trip because some types of fish are harder to find during certain seasons of the year due to temperature drops. Temperatures and tides can even change from one day to the next, so one fishing day may be ideal while the next could be a big disappointment.

While there are a plethora of options for fishing in Cabo, there are several factors to consider before choosing a fishing excursion. If you are not adept in boating, you will want to choose a fishing company that provides a boat driver. Some companies also give you the option to rent fishing equipment, bait, and other necessities (like sunscreen and towels). Additionally, decide ahead of time if you’d like the excursion to be primarily focused on fishing, or if you’d like to couple your fishing trip with a more leisurely boat cruise. There are plenty of fishing companies in Cabo that offer both experiences.

Additionally, some fishing companies will have lunch for purchase or as part of their fishing experience package, while others will expect that you’ll bring your own food. Be sure to plan ahead of time accordingly.

Be sure to choose a fishing company with experienced fishermen. They can direct the boat (or explain to you how to direct your own boat) to the waters that are best for fishing on a given day. Typically, boating companies will not drop an anchor during the fishing excursion, though if you are looking for a specialized fishing experience (such as shark fishing), you can find companies that will drop an anchor and remain in one location for a longer period of time.

What To Expect Fishing In Cabo

Though success is never guaranteed and some visitors may end up disappointed to find the fish not biting when they go out, many visitors will end up reeling in a big one. When you do catch a fish, the boat crew will help you reel it in. Once it is on the boat, you have a few options. You may release it back into the water; you may keep it for preparation on your own; you may take it for preparation on the marina (usually, there are several nearby chefs or restaurants that can prepare your catch for you); or you may take it in for mounting.

If you go out on a boat with a crew, be sure to tip them at the end of your trip. Typically, a 10-15% tip is customary, but if they did help you reel in a big fish, you may want to increase it to 20% for their extra effort.

Armada Sport fishing offers a full day, all-inclusive excursion for up to 10 passengers complete with a driver and a crew for $3500. If you’d like to rent just the boat for the day, you can do so for $2900. Fishing licenses, lunches, and bait are available for additional fees. It is best to book your fishing trip in advance as they are very popular and slots do fill quickly. The excursions offer a terrific way to see the beautiful Cabo waters and hopefully catch a tasty meal. It is not to be missed!

More About Cabo San Lucas…

Cabo San Lucas, often called Cabo, is a beautiful vacation destination in Mexico. Combined with neighboring San Jose del Cabo, the area is known as Los Cabos, but Cabo alone typically refers to just Cabo San Lucas. It is located just south of California on the Baja peninsula and is popular especially with American tourists. While there are countless attractions and activities to enjoy in Cabo, many tourists come for the fishing.

Cabo’s white beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. You will want to plan for at least one day laying the beach. Cabo is also famous for its stone cliffs, cardon cacti, and arroyos (or streams). Cabo’s nightlife is also very lively. Cabo Wabo Cantina, Baja Brewing Company, and Puerto Paraiso are some of the most acclaimed nighttime hotspots. You can often find conga lines and tequila shots in many of the famous Cabo establishments, but there are lots of smaller bars and restaurants that are popular with tourists as well. Because of its proximity to Los Angeles, Cabo is often visited by celebrities, so it’s not uncommon for tourists to spot a star while in Los Cabos.

Sadly, as tourism continues to increase in Cabo San Lucas each year, the surrounding desert and natural areas are becoming depleted as the land is used to build new hotels, restaurants, day spas, and other spots for tourists. Some conservationists worry about the effect of the rapid building and growth of Cabo at the expense of natural areas. In particular, they are worried that some animal species may leave the area or even die off as their habitats are being taken away.

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