Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Strictly Business is not your average fishing vessel. This Hatteras 65′ Enclosed Bridge Yacht is a luxury craft that just so happens to be used for fishing. The boat is equipped with state of the art powerplants and equipment to assure you are always on the forefront of the fishing field! Strictly business is also equipped with state-of-the-art electronics. Fish finders, radars, etc. Everything needed to find the fish and stay on them. 600 pounds of ice per day: that’s how much ice the ice-makers on-board the vessel can make. That’s a mighty big fish, or a boat load of margaritas; have it your way.

The most obvious mission of Strictly Business is, of course, hunting down and catching sport fish. In this regard, the 65′ Hatteras is at the top of it’s field. With eight rocket launchers on the bridge-deck rail, six in the cockpit wings, four in the gunwales, and four on the fighting chair, the boat can bristle with 22 instantly accessible rods. There’s stowage for twice that many, counting the lockers under the bridge-deck lounge and those in the cabin. Cockpit space? You could park an SUV in there. Inside, Strictly Business is just as ornate as you’d expect from a $2.3 million yacht. Maybe even more so when you consider such goodies as the master head, fluted cherry valences, and countertops made of onyx and marble. All of the creature comforts are provided; air conditioning, designer furniture, flat-screen TVs, stereo equipment, blenders, ambient lighting and more abound. But don’t let the opulence fool you. This is a fishing machine of the highest caliber!


Strictly Business is powered by state of the art power plants!  There’s plenty of bite, plenty of power, and plenty of beef to use those powerplants aggressively. You’ll find that maneuvers are anything but sluggish. Same goes for top end speed. Strictly Business tops out at 39 mph on the open water.

This boat is a floating fortress. The solid-fiberglass hull bottom is backed up by a double-thick, solid-fiberglass keel, foam-filled glass stringers, and vacuum-bagged bulkheads. All are fiberglassed to the hull while it’s in the mold to ensure a perfect shape. The hull-to-deck joint is caulked, screwed, and glassed on the inside before being capped with a 1 1/4″ stainless-steel rubrail. Stanchions and cleats are backed with tapped-aluminum plates. Bottom line: You won’t find a stronger, safer 65′ production boat on the water. Strictly Business is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art navigation, Furuno 3-D fish finders and Seakeeper gyro-stabilizers. Not to mention: air conditioning!